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Welcome To SNGL; Save $20 Over $100-Code:SUMMER20; Save $45 Over $200-Code:SUMMER45; Free U.S. Shipping!

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How To Find Bulb Size

Online Bulb Size guide may not be 100% accurate.Sourced data may vary due to trim packages, manufacturer and aftermarket modifications.

Here are 3 ways to get the Correct Bulb Size.

    1. Check your vehicle user manual or original halogen bulb, the part number is marked above.
      2. Search "automotive bulb look-up" online, and enter your vehicle info to find out the correct size.And please remove the bulb you wish to replace from your vehicle and compare the socket and Bulb Size to the bulbs listed on.
        3. Contact US via Email: or Chat with us; and write down your vehicle year, make, and model; and provide us the pictures of your original bulb, We will promptly respond to you within 24 hours, ASAP.


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